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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  August 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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two men killed in a casino parking lot... and it's not the first time homicide detectives have been to that lot for a deadly shooting. the latest on the investigation. a house fire leaves three people homeless. how fire officials say they were able to escape. as the home went up in flames. and a new york airport terminal is evacuated after reports of gunfire. what officials say happened... good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - cassandra jones joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast.
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daytime high sunday and it looks like we could do it again to start the week. we remain under the influence of a ridge but a trough pushing toward the coast will set up some southwest winds today. it will remain dry and will trigger some winds for monday. another trough moves across northern nevada on tuesday allowing for a little more cloud to develop over our area. temperatures will start to cool off as we head into the middle and second half of the week. the uv index for monday is 9 or very high.
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over the sudden loss of a las vegas woman... now they're doing what they can to help raise money for her funeral. fox5's abby theodros tells us how the community is coming together for the victim. lizeth cuevas, best friend : it hasnt sunken in into many of our heads.we cant believe it. she didnt deserve what happened to her. she is wendy rodriguez. a twenty five year old whose body clothed in a pool of blood. her suspected killer - still on the loose. lizeth cuevas, best friend : i dont know why he picked her. i dont know why. but i hope they find him soon. he is jaime santana. also twenty five and a suspect in rodriguez's murder. her body was found inside . richard frias- guzman, friend : its very tragic. its very upsetting. as rodriguez's friends and family cope with the sudden loss - theyre also raising money for the unexpected funeral expenses.
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: you feel like you're a lone. you feel like nobody has gone through what you're going through. but thats what we're out here to do. we want to make sure people dont feel like theyre alone. a group of about 30 washed cars near lamb and lake mead. the mood was heavy - as they remembered the the deep and sudden loss. lizeth cuevas, best friend : everything about her was so beautiful. we took so many trips together, we wanted to travel the world. we wanted to do so many things we wanted to open a business. she didnt deserve that. she didnt. she was 25 years old. lizeth cuevas was best friends with rodriguez - and says the family was too upset to show up to show up today. she also says they're griving but wont rest until her killer is found. lizeth cuevas: im scared that he's going to attack again. im scared that he's aware of everything that's going on. if he was so close to her, im scared he's aware of all her friends and im scared for everybody. so far the family has raised almsot 7-thousand
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their goal is to raise 15-thousand. to donate to wendys' funeral expenses... you can head to our website fox5 vegas dot com. we have a link to her go fund me page. a firefighter dies in the line of duty, fighting a blaze right here in nevada. justin beebe of vermont was part of the hot shot crew working the strawberry fire near the utah- nevada border by ely (eee-lee) saturday afternoon. when he was hit by a tree wh battling the blaze. the strawberry fire in the great basin national park was sparked by lightning last week... and is now 59- percent contained. large columns of smoke were seen covering parts of the northern valley sunday afternoon. las vegas fire and rescue tells us it came from a home near lake mead and m-l-k. three people were inside the home when it sparked up.... neighbors came to help get them out. when firefighters got to the woman was still trying to escape. crews got her out... she was taken to the hospital to get
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fire crews say the blaze destroyed the patio area and the attic... causing about 65 thousand dollars of damage. an investigation is underway after two men were killed in a casino parking lot. it happened early sunday morning in north las vegas. police say they got a call about shots being fired at the silver nugget casino. the men were pronounced dead on scene. police are still trying to find out exactly what happened. they say a suspect is still on the run. police say a pedestrian died after being involved i on saturday night. it happened near lake mead and las vegas boulevard near the silver nugget casino. police say the 70- year-old man was crossing the street and he wasn't in the crosswalk but near it. the man was taken to u-m-c where he later died. the driver stayed on scene and cooperated with police... he was not arrested. police need your help looking for a man they say tried to rob a convenience store last month. they say this man told the clerk he
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he didn't get away with anything or any money... but police are still hoping to identify him. he's described as about six feet tall and around 20 years old. he was last seen wearing a black hoodie... jeans... and white sneakers. if you know who or where this man police right away. you can also call crime stoppers... that number is 702-385-55-55. in top stories, flights out of mccarran inernational new york's j-f-k should be back to normal this morning. one of jfk's terminals was shut down after reports of shots fired. police evacuated the terminal as a precaution. authorities say they did not find any firearms, ammunition or any other evidence of a shooting. a ground stop was also issued at one point... the reason listed as.... 'security'. according to maccarran's website, all flights headed to jfk are on time.. submerged homes and stranded cars
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dangerous rescue mission continues. rain has pounded the state-- claiming at least four lives. fox news correspondent will carr reports from baton rouge. ((vo)) emergency crews working to rescue scores of residents in louisiana from deadly flooding ... from the air-- homes look more like little islands.. farms have been inundated and streets resemble pools of water. louisiana governor john bel edwards says at least 7,000 people have been rescued so far. ((sot)) edwards: "the number of fatalities remains at 3 and we believe there may be on more individual who is unaccounted for." ((vo)) although the storms have moved to the west --more heavy rain is expected in and around the state. rivers are expected to keep rising until monday. flooded residents have very little options here at this civic center in opelousas locals describing their ordeal on getting out of their homes ((sot)) mos: "we tried out the backdoor but there were spiders. we tried out the kitchen but there was a snake. we got through that and finally got into the car
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and in a dramatic video caught on camera-- two men on a boat pulled a woman from a car that was almost completely underwater one of the rescuers jumps into the brown water and pulls the woman to safety. she pleads for the man to get her dog, but he can't find it. after several seconds, the rescuer goes underwater and resurfaces - with the small dog. ((on cam tag)) tba and as rescue crews work around the clock to help the city out from under the massive flooding one man braved the flood waters to save eight dogs and three puppies. the man used an inflatable bed to transfer all the animals to safety. he is just one of thousands of people affected by the severe weather in the area.
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local foster children got a special treat... who stepped in to help them get pampered before they head back to school. and... it's a school of rock that would make jack black proud.... the kids rocking it out for
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morning with dave
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monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions with ken smith. this is fox5 news this morning. scary moments for olympic medalist ryan lochte and three fellow u-s swimmers -- as the group gets robbed at a gunpoint. the u-s olympic committee says it happened in rio de janeiro sunday morning. officials say the four athletes were in a taxi that was pulled over by robbers posing as police. lochte says the robbers ordered everyone to get on the gro he says he initially refused, but one of the robbers put a gun to his head. the attackers took the athletes' wallets and cellphones, but luckily-- no one was injured. police say they have opened an investigation into the incident. and in a tweet lochte thanked his family, friends,
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robbery. saying in part-- quote: "while it is true that my teammates and i were the victims of a robbery early sunday morning, what is most important is that we are safe and unharmed." lochte was in the taxi with u-s swimmers gunnar bentz, jack conger, and jimmy feigen. now fox weather 24/7 with les krifaton we tied a record daytime high sunday and it looks like we could do it again to start the week. we remain under the influence of a ridge pushing toward the coast will set up some southwest winds today. it will remain dry and will trigger some winds for monday. another trough moves across northern nevada on tuesday allowing for a little more cloud to develop over our area. temperatures will start to cool off as we head into the
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half of the week. the uv index for monday is 9 or very high.
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children are treated to a special day! the group was pampered at the square salon. for their annual back to school event.
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complete with ad- j... free haircuts... manicures... a backpack full of school supplies... and new shoes. the salon partnered with the "casa foundation" which supports children in foster care... to make it all possible. "it's just a transformation you know they come in here they're a little bit apprehensive, it's a lot going on it's very overwhelming and then when they leave they're just happy and they've got a spring in their step they're just so happy they came and happy to be here. the event started five years ago with just 80 foster children. this year they treated five hundred. students from the "school of rock green valley" made make their debut at the foundation room. (music playing) the school held its mid-season fundraiser at mandalay bay sunday night. all proceeds go
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next year's students who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. students from pre-school to high school learn guitar... bass... vocals... the keyboard... and the drums. and for a lot of these kids... it was was their first live performance. so there's a lot of butterflies floating around the foundation room but as i've told them before as soon as they get out there and they get 20 seconds into a song they're going to be electrified and energized. sunday's concert paid tribute to the summer of grunge.... metalocalyps and the dawn of rock. a driver pulled to safety just seconds before his car burst into flames. how this lamborghini got split in half... and the good samaritans that saved the man driving it. and... the u-s may be dominating at the olympics... but the same cannot be said for an international drone race. we'll take you to those games... when we come right back.
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starting back up in just two weeks. its important to start thinking about what your kids will be eating.
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million children nationwide receive free or reduced meals at school. but that cafeteria food may be doing harm to their bodies. a new study shows kids who eat lunch-room food generally weigh more than their peers. and have a higher rate of obesity. (dr. wen you, virginia tech associate professor) "the weight change over the years can be more comfortably kind of linked potentially to the program participation" officials are now examining school meals. seeing how they can make them healthier. or at least change proportions. gaining as much weight. books, laptops. pencils.. theres a lot that kids shove in backpacks. but health officials say lugging around those heavy bags weighs on a kid's backs. and as khiree stewart explains. its may be a problem for your child's health. (singer) "how do you know you've got the backpack blues, i said how do you know you've got the backpack blues..."
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"oh, they carry a lot of books, yes. heavy." the backpack blues are something michael desouto's kids know all too well. (michael desouto/parent) "one of my kids is 60 pounds and his bag was probably 20 or 30 pounds." desouto says that just picking up one of their bags brought back memories of his time in the military. (michael desouto/parent) "we had to carry packs and gear and stuff, so i picked my kids' backpacks up before and i was like really impressed like how heavy they were, i felt like i was hauling some ammo around or something." doctors say kids shouldn't carry more than 10 percent body weight. (dr. dan davidson/chiroprac tor) "it puts a tremendous amount of stress, postural stress, gravitational stress on the neck, upper back, shoulders, muscles, joints, so it's a pretty common problem." doctor dan davidson said he's seen at least 20 cases of back and neck pain relating to heavy backpacks in just the past year. he thinks another growing problem is posture when kids look at electronic devices. (dr. dan davidson/chiroprac tor) "once our head goes forward with that forward posture, gravity pulls, gravity always wins. we don't want to work against gravity, so we want to have a nice posture with sort of your ear over
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without that forward slumping." davidson says to make sure your child's backpack is balanced and has good padding. he thinks it could help prevent another case of the blues ... (singer) "when you've got the backpack blues. when you've got the backpack blues." the clark county school district wants to make sure your student is ready to hit the books. they're holding a school fairs and immunization shot clinics all month long. they are free and open to the public. the fair acts as a one stop shop for parents to get info and resources on: transportation... zoning... school lunches... and family services. and the shot clinic lets you get all required immunizations taken care of. (betsy vandeusen/ immunize nevada, director of development & strategic partnerships ) "nevada requires certain immunizations for kids going into 7th grade or kindergarten, or if you're new to the state and just
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the next back to school fairs will be held next saturday at the boulevard mall... and the following saturday in downtown summerlin. we need your help to make sure students have what they need to be successful in the classroom. help supply our students-- we are partnering with subaru of las vegas, nv energy and henderson hospital...for our annual supply drive. it starts today and runs through the 17th. donations are being accepted from 7 a-m to 6 30 p-m every little bit helps-- from backpacks to folders to notebooks and pencils. our goal this year is to fill three thousand backpacks for students in need. you can donate now--- by texting s-o-s 2016 to 7-1-7-7-7... standard text messaging rates do apply. prepare to see a lot of pot on your
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we'll tell you just how much money marijuana proponents are spending on political ads this year. plus... trump's running mate is returning to nevada this week. where he's
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own front door. why his neighbors
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stranger to the law. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence is coming to las vegas.... when and where he's expected to speak... some las vegas eateries, looking to hire for back to school. what you need to know, to help you land that job. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones joins us now.
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and it looks like we could do it again to start the week. we remain under the influence of a ridge but a trough pushing toward the coast will set up some southwest winds today. it will remain dry and will trigger some winds for monday. another trough moves across northern nevada on tuesday allowing for a little more cloud to develop ov temperatures will start to cool off as we head into the middle and second half of the week. the uv index for monday is 9 or very high.


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